How to play

Welcome to frog trouble. The target of the game is to place each frog on a waterlily leaf. This can be accomplished by let each frog jump to a leaf. The sequence is important, if its wrong another frog may be blocked and can’t reach a leaf.

In order to let a frog jump you have to swipe him in the desired direction. The frog cannot only jump forward, but also sideways. If it is possible to jump, the frog will start jumping. The frog continous to jump until ik cannot move any further.

Of course there are obstacles, or helpers on its way. The frog will use them if one is encountered. These obstacles are:

Wooden platform, the frog can jump on it, but it can not stay on the platform, it has to go further to reach a leaf.

Rotten leaf, the frog can jump on it, but has to leaf immediate because the leaf is so rotten that will sink.

Fly, if the frog has a fly on its side, it will turn in the direction of the fly, eat the fly and then continue to jump.

Bomb, Jumping on a bomb will trigger it, and the frog has barely enough time to jump further. An exploding bomb will destroy all frogs that are in the neighbourhood.

Rocket, The rocket will take the frog a little furhter without jumping, thereby passing over all obstacles. The direction of the rocket is the direction the frog takes.s

The sequence (and direction) of releasing the frogs makes the solution of the puzzle. If you made a move that is invalid, the frog will automaticly be put back to its original position.

If you realize you made a mistake, there is always the undo button, this button is at the top right corner, it will take back on move. You can use the button multiple times to take back more moves. Of course you will loose the ‘star’ ranking for this level.