Casual Puzzles

“I love puzzles of all kinds, including computer puzzles. With my company RosProKam, I want to make my living from them.

Here I make what I call casual puzzles, puzzle games that go a bit further than clicking on the same color 3 times. I deliberately say casual puzzles instead of casual games. Maybe the difference is subtle, but I find the puzzle element very important.

A casual puzzle is ideal to play when you have to wait a while. For example, in the waiting room at the doctor’s or you’re waiting for the train. Examples of these puzzles are the color ball sort puzzle and my implementation of binary Sudoku aka binario. A puzzle only takes a few minutes and when you’re done you can move on to the next one.

Take the color ball sort puzzle, in the Play Store you can find a lot of them, there are more then 20 variations, but finding the one that suits you is often a bit more difficult. I’ve tried a few of them but they’re all so bloated. After each level you have to go through a number of screens and click everywhere to unpack gifts, but in reality you’re being triggered to watch as many ads as possible.

I try to keep my games non-nonsense. Of course I also want to generate advertising revenue, but I try to keep this a bit neat.

Instead of copying existing games, I’ve also made a number of originals.
The Color Ball Puzzle is an example of this. A kind of jigsaw puzzle but then with colors that have to match. And this can be quite complicated.”
Currently the game is still unknown, but maybe that will change.